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Brody Figueras

Brody has been drawn to the arts for as long as he can remember, which led him to the world of tattooing in 2007 where he grew up in Southern California. From shop to shop he learned the trade and built his skill and style for 10 years.
He took his journey to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017. While living and tattooing there, he learned that he is most satisfied with creating neo-traditional, illustrative and fantasy tattoos.
Now, here in Boise, Idaho at Chalice Tattoo Studio Brody looks forward to bringing your ideas into his realm of tattooing to produce the best looking tattoo he can with you.
"Being fond of creatures and the outdoors, I’m excited to be apart of the Chalice crew here in Boise. So keep the organic ideas flowing and let's have some fun!!"

Brody Figueras: About
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