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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


How old do I have to be to get tattooed in your shop?

You must be at least 18 years old with a valid photo i.d. to get tattooed at Chalice. We do not tattoo minors, even with parental consent.

What do I need to be prepared for my first tattoo at Chalice?

For your first tattoo appointment at our shop, regardless if you have been tattooed elsewhere, you will need to bring your valid state issued or military photo i.d.  It is also important to get a good night's sleep the evening before and keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and eat a good meal an hour or 2 before you come in. Don’t get tattooed on an empty stomach! That leads to low blood sugar, which can increase your chances of passing out.

Does your studio have a piercer or jewelry?

Nope. We are a tattoo studio only. We would be happy to recommend some good piercers in the area, though! Just give us a call.

Do you allow drinking of alcoholic beverages while I get tattooed?

Sorry, but no. Not everybody thinks it’s cool to get loaded while getting tattooed. From our artist’s perspective, nothing could be more annoying than trying to make a serious lifelong decision with someone who is teetering, much less try to tattoo them while they’re moving all over the place! If you do come in drunk for your tattoo appointment, you will be rescheduled & asked to come back when sober.  Have a drink afterwards. You will have earned it!

Can I buy tattoo supplies from your shop or from your tattooists?

NO. We do not sell anything to the general public besides Chalice merchandise & sweet tats, bro. That means we do not sell ink, machines, needles, nothing.

I am prescribed blood thinners. Can I get tattooed?

Blood thinners (including aspirin) can cause excessive bleeding that could compromise the quality of your new tattoo. We would recommend that you speak with your doctor and get their professional opinion. Sometimes clients will skip their regular dosage for a couple of days around their tattoo appointment, but consulting your physician is the best for you and your health.

How far out are your tattooists booked?  Do you take walk-ins?

Every tattoo artist at Chalice books out differently, and we are always very happy to take walk-ins if time is available. For a specific inquiry regarding one of our artists or appointment availability, please give us a call at the shop.

What is your shop minimum?

The shop minimum is $100. This minimum covers the artist’s time, and the cost of the supplies to do even the smallest of tattoos.

How much will my tattoo cost?

If your tattoo will take approximately 2 hours or less, you can ask your artist for a quote. For larger pieces, we can give you a good estimate of time, and you will be charged by the hour. Hourly rates vary, so please call the shop for more info.

Can I get a quote for my tattoo over the phone, or via email?

Probably not. Preferably, we would have you book a consultation appointment at the shop with one of our artists. If you live outside of Boise, we can arrange for you to set up an email consultation instead. This way they will be able to get a good idea of what you’re looking to get, and give you a quote or estimate. If you’re looking for an estimate over the phone, it will be a very rough range of cost, as there are many particulars to factor into the pricing of a tattoo.

May I book a tattoo appointment with an artist via email or Facebook?

So we can better serve your tattoo needs, booking appointments is best either over the phone or in person at our shop. For out-of-town clients however, we are able to do consultations via email or Facebook. By calling the shop, front counter staff is able to give out tattooist’s emails for tattoo & consultation appointment info only.

Can I bring my kids with me to my tattoo appointment?

Yes, but preferably not. We are a family business, so well-behaved children are always welcome. However, please keep in mind that this is an adult industry. There is no censorship of language in a tattoo shop nor is the conversation always PG. Some clients might find it uncomfortable getting tattooed in a precarious place on their body when there are wee ones peeking around. There is often nudity, cuss words, and grown-up conversations. Our waiting room is small, and children tend to get bored easily. We ask that when children get fussy, please be respectful of the intense focus our job requires, and take them outside. So that being said, even though they are welcome, you may want to think about a babysitter.

I need a tattooist that can draw my idea. Do your artists do that?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we ALL specialize in drawing and customizing tattoos for our clients. We do enjoy artistic freedom when designing  your custom piece, as this will allow our style to shine through. After all, that is how all great tattoo artists become known in their trade; by having a style that is recognizable and unique. A good tattooer will listen to your ideas, ask questions, and also tell you if your idea doesn’t translate well into a tattoo masterpiece. If your tattoo artist is hesitant, it is probably for a very good reason. Don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions to allow you to better understand the process.

How much do consultations cost?

Consultations are always free. There is no charge to come in and discuss your idea, however if you book a tattoo appointment, we do require a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. The deposits will typically vary from $50-$150 depending on the length of your tattoo appointment. When you book time with an artist and put down a deposit, that is when the commitment is made and they will start to work on your drawing. Deposits are then cashed in towards the cost of your tattoo on the day your tattoo is completed. Deposits are cashed in for the tattooist’s time for all short notice cancellations and no shows.

If I change my mind about getting a tattoo and I put down a deposit with you guys, can I get a refund?

All deposits are non-refundable even if you change your mind. With the proper notice that you would like to hold off on your tattoo (a minimum of 24 hours), your deposit will stay on our records for when you decide to come back.  If you leave a deposit and we never see or hear from you again, we will consider your deposit to be abandoned, and it will be cashed out after two years. So, be sure to keep in touch and use it!

What if I need to reschedule the date of my tattoo appointment?

That is totally fine. As long as you give us at least a 24-hour notice, your deposit will roll over to your new rescheduled tattoo date. A deposit is cashed out to the tattooer if we don’t receive a 24-hour notice or if you just don’t show up for your appointment all together. This does not apply to consultations. Only tattoo appointments.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit and debit cards (with the exception of American Express). We hope that by accepting cards we make it easier and more convenient for our clients to book appointments with us. For instance, we can take card payments for deposits over the phone. However, due to the high cost of card processing, cash payment is always preferred and greatly appreciated. We do have an on site ATM for your convenience. Many of our artist also accept Venmo. We do not accept checks!

How much do I tip for a tattoo? What is the standard?

Unlike most service industries, there is no tipping standard for tattooing. We realize that tattoos can be expensive, so we at Chalice simply say, “Tips are not expected, but always greatly appreciated”.

Do tattoos hurt?

This question is the number one question that tattoo artists and highly tattooed individuals get. Yes, tattoos hurt and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are boldfaced liars!  Everyone’s pain threshold is different. If you can take pain well, sit still, focus on your breathing, and are able to go to your “happy place” or “get in the zone”, then chances are you will be fine. If tears well up quickly after you get hurt and you have a hard time sitting still, this might be a tougher feat for you to endure. Just remember, everyone that has a tattoo has gone through some amount of pain to acquire it.

How do I care for my healing tattoo?

Listen to the tattoo artist's aftercare instructions. They will give you detailed aftercare instructions at the end of your tattoo session.  They may customize their aftercare recommendations to suit your particular health conditions, location of your tattoo, your skin, or your lifestyle.
Here are some general aftercare suggestions:
Remove your bandage when they tell you to. That can be several hours after your tattoo is finished, or first thing when you wake up the next morning. Wash your fresh tattoo with mild soap & warm water 1-2 times a day, or as often as your tattooist tells you to. Apply a thin coat of A&D ointment, Aquafor or whatever your artist recommends after you wash and dry your tattoo. Use a water-based, fragrance-free lotion after the first 1-3 days, & continue applying 1-3 times daily until skin stops flaking. Keep your fresh tattoo out of the sun. You may use sunscreen when your tattoo is completely healed (approx. 4-6 weeks). Do not submerge your tattoo in water for the first 2-4 weeks (swimming, baths, etc.), or expose it to excessive sweat or steam. Clothes should be loose, soft, clean and breathable on your healing tattoo, and you want to hold off on shaving that area until it is completely healed. It is normal for thin scabs to form over the healing tattoo. Be gentle with them, and do not pick or scratch! Last but not least, please don’t take aftercare advice from random people. We have many years of experience in healing tattoos, and are able to give advice when something seems awry. If any questions or concerns arise, please contact us first.

Got more questions? Call us today!

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